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Riviera 420

Tender with waterjet propulsion

Riviera 420: Products

4-5 persons boat

This Tender electric boat has all the newest innovations for the perfect boat-trips with two or max 6 persons. The wide seats are opposite of eachother for good conversations while booting.
The multipurpose steering console has a little table for drinks and a touch screeen for all the controls.
The Ahoy Atlantis has special ("James Bond 007") underwater shape for slow and fast speeds.


Electric Propulsion

The Riviera 420 has a high power inboard electric waterjet engine. The waterjet is partly underneath for easy maintenance and maximum propulsion even when going in plane.


Original Dutch Design from Vlaardingen, The Netherlands.

The Ahoy Atlantic is specially designed for With an interactive touchscreen this electric boat knows where it is and when to come back before the time is over (rentals). See the website for participation and a partner who does all the maintenance and winter storage.

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