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Belvedere Malmo

This electric powered waterwheel boat, is an strong rotation molded catamaran boat with an electric waterwheel propulsion for shallow waters.

Crousing with friends

This Belvedere electric boat is ideal for recreational and rental areas, where waterlife is treasured.

With inox steering wheel and inox railing, the Eco Belvedere can be ordered in the colors blue, silver-grey or olive-green for recreational or rental use. Perfect for max 6 persons.


Family boat or fishing boat?

The Belvedere is ideal for fishing and crousing with friends. Have this boat near your home, and enjoy crousing with family. No help needed, because it is very low on maintenance so no worries!


No problems with shallow waters

The Belvedere electric boat is specially designed for shallow waters, thanks to the innovative waterwheel underneath.

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